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Kelly and Sadie's Wedding

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DJ, Dance Lighting, Uplighting, and Ceremony Package
Harmon House was an amazing cozy reception venue. It has a lot of southern charm, wood floors and antique pictures and furniture throughout the house. Now for Kelly and Sadie's wedding we provided a PA system for the ceremony. This included micing up the 1 piece band, pianist and minister through the PA system. The best thing about the outside PA was the new speakers that we recently purchased for our formal events. We used 1 Bose L1 tower along with the subwoofer. These speakers pack a big punch in a small package. Our ceremony setup was to the right of the gazebo. The single tower provided all the sound for the 80 person ceremony. In the inside we set up 20 uplights throughout all the rooms that the guest were seated along with 2 uplights outside to accent the pillars at the front entrance. We set up our DJ equipment in one of the rooms along with 2 Bose L1 towers and for dance lighting we had 2 Martin SCX 800s. We received great reactions from the speakers and uplighting throughout house. People especially loved the speakers because of their small size. However the best part of this wedding was the B&G, both have been dancing salsa since they were in college and all their friends danced the whole time during the dance portion of the evening. Put simply Kelly and Sadie's wedding was great party!
Harmon House
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DJ and Lighting Services:
No Regret Productions